Thursday, September 29, 2011

25 Reasons

I joined WeightWatchers two weeks ago. Week one I actually gained weight and I thought, this is never going to work. Then I went to weigh in today and I lost over 6 lb. Woo hoo! Go ME!

It's not a big deal, especially since I just read the O Magazine makeover edition and that showed women who lost like 75 lb. So whatever, my 6 might not be a big deal to them, but it is for me. And it's the first step toward some weight loss.

At the meeting today they asked us to come up with 25 reasons WHY. Why are you doing this? was the question. Oh let me count the ways...

1. My 6-year old asked me why I was chubby when I bend over.
2. I've been asked when I was due...fairly recently.
3. My pants don't fit so well.
4. I was shopping for Halloween costumes and I'm very disappointed that I'm too fat to be a Playboy bunny this year.
5. I hate swimsuit season and I want to like it.
6. I naturally like to be nakie. (who doesn't like being naked?) But only in my own bedroom. Wouldn't it be great if I could just be naked all the time in my own house and be confident about it?
7. I want to wear a bikini.
8. I want to be like my 6-year old and have my pants be so loose that I have to wear a belt.
9. My BMI says I'm obese. That's not cool. I don't want to have that high of a BMI anymore.
10. A better sex life. Have you ever tried having heavy-person sex? I will spare you the details.
11. To look better than I do right now. I have a fat face. I want a skinny face.
12. To say I did it. There - I told you. I am very competitive and if I can say I did it then I win.
13. I don't want to be a plastic/over-athletic mom from my kids' school but I'd like to not be the fat one anymore.
14. I want to get hit on at the bar. And not by drunk 60-year olds, either. By men my own age.
15. I want to look younger than my age, not older.
16. I don't want anyone to be able to tell that I've had 3 kids.
17. To set an example for my children, that eating healthy and being active makes you healthier.
18. I want my drivers license weight to be somewhat truthful. (Is it illegal to blatantly lie about your weight? I sure as hell hope not!)
19. I don't want that "pants tattoo" there when I unbutton my work pants. I can tell exactly where all those buttons were on my waist.
20. I want to see my own feet when I step on the scale.
21. I have pieces of my stomach that I don't even know where they belong. They just need to go away.
22. There are many styles of clothes that I simply can't wear at my size. I'd like more variety in my wardrobe.
23. My dad told me I have to lose weight or it will be harder later in life.
24. Short people shouldn't be fat. I'm almost to the point of crossing the line and looking like an umpa-loompa.
25. Skinny girls have more fun! (or so they say, I wouldn't know but I'm trusting them!)

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I have NEVER purchased new furniture. I am 31 years old, and every piece of anything in my house is used. (Other than some Ikea bedside tables which don't count because Ikea furniture is not real furniture.)

That's really sad when I type it out for the world to see. Used couches, used tables, used TV, used bookshelves, used dresser.

Now, when I got married we had no money. I mean like eating cream of chicken on spaghetti noodles for dinner no-money. My in-laws bought us a new mattress, but everything else in our apartment was used. We bought things online, had things given to us, and had a hod-podge of furniture. I was 21, so fine. I didn't care.

When more babies came, and we owned a house, I still would not buy anything new. We were eating chicken in our dinners now, but I couldn't bring myself to spend the money. When the dog ate the couch (literally ate the foam right out of the back of the couch) I didn't replace it. I got a huge-ass roll of duct tape and a new slip cover. Still have that eaten up couch today.

Rules about children and furniture:
1. No play-doh inside. This is a play-doh free zone. Play outside with it all you want but do not bring that stuff in my house. It is evil.
2. Children may not eat or drink on any carpeted area of my house. Ever.
3. Carpets must be professionally cleaned once per year.
4. I refuse to buy new furniture until there are no sippy cups or pull-ups in my house.

I still have never bought any brand new, from a real-life furniture store, furniture. None.
I am really sad about that actually, but I think that it would be ruined within hours at the most. Someone would throw up on it or something. Plus, I would much rather take a slip cover off when it's too full of dog hair, than try to get the dog hair out of a couch. It's super fun to take off the slip cover and empty it on the laundry room floor to see what kinds of things I find. And, my mother thinks that I am the master of putting a slip cover on a couch. I require a wooden spoon, which she thinks is hilarious and is always in awe at my slipcovering skills.

My dog-eaten, slip-cover couch
So if you come visit my house and nothing matches, it's because I refuse to invest in something that is going to be ruined. Yes, I am in my thirties and have a slipcover couch. I have re-used tables I stained myself, and I have beat up stools at the counter. They also might be covered in jelly, but I don't care, so watch out when you sit down.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

These Are the People In My Neighborhood

I am overwhelmed with how I love my neighborhood community!

Three years ago, when the school district closed our neighborhood school, I was devastated because I knew the teachers, the parents, the kids. I thought it would completely scatter us all to the wind. But it hasn't been so! Although my kids go to a school accross town, and I work full-time now, I have never felt like I'm more part of a community.

I went to the Cub Scouts open house, and there was another neighborhood mom who volunteered to be the den leader. I brought the little one to preschool, and know a handful of other families going to the same preschool. I was sick last night, and was up until 2AM at the ER. I had an offer from a mom whose kids go to a different school, to drive my kids to school. I was re-decorating the boys' room and a neighborhood mom dropped off some unused Star Wars decorations for me. We had our neighborhood parade this year and I met even more neighbors and new friends.

I am so blessed and overwhelmed by what a generous, helping, encouraging neighborhood I live in!!

Monday, September 12, 2011


I went shopping this weekend, like in a real-life mall. I really don't like shopping of any kind. I don't even enjoy grocery shopping. Anyway, I realized that my normal size doesn't really fit all that well. It's quite depressing, that I am NOT my normal size.

I lost a lot of weight in 2008, when Jack was born. But that is a terrible diet plan, really. Life crisis = rapid weight loss. It wasn't a healthy way to lose weight, but I did manage to keep it off for about a year. I was skinnier than I had been since high school at that point.

So I am going to join weight watchers. Hopefully I can get high school skinny again!
Wish me luck! I will check in with status updates.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

An Historical Look at The First Days of School

I joke with my kids and yell at them "Stop Growing!!"
...and they laugh and say "but I have to."

A look back at the First Days of School...

G - 4th grade, B - 1st grade

G - 3rd grade, B - kindergarten
(with addition of small child who refused to get dressed)

G - 2nd grade (and first year at a new school)

G - 1st grade

G - kindergarten

First Day of School!

Today was the first day of school. Yeah!
Well, G was alright. She wasn't excited so much as anxious and stoic. B on the other hand was really excited and confident. He said "Mom, I feel like such a big kid because I'm a first grader." Yeah, buddy, you're huge!

I was such a dork that I used to LOVE the first day of school, well into high school and college. It was so exciting to me. It was my own theoretical tabula rasa each and every fall. I loved the new notebooks, the new syllabi, new schedule, new friends, new subjects. I was beaming inside each year on the first day of school, even though I acted nonchalant on the outside.

I hope my kids really have that same enthusiasm like they're going to explode. I hope they were secretly in the backseat wondering which friends they would sit next to, and what the cover of their math book would look like. I hope they enjoyed opening their organized desks, and finding their clean cubbies.

As an adult I miss that. Wouldn't it be nice to have your own tabula rasa each and every fall? Not really to start over, but to continue on with your adventure in life. To start again fresh.

Blessings to my children today and throughout this school year. I pray that you are kind to all, helpful to all, respectful to all and that you enjoy learning all the amazing things you will learn this year.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Family Vacation

Growing up, we did a lot of traveling, and I am so grateful to my parents for allowing us to explore the world. I was on a plane more times than I can count. Some where just our immediate family, and some trips were with extended family. We even did a 3 week road trip out east when I was about 15. We went on cruises, to resorts, skiing, to the beach, history tours...

I haven't been as fortunate because traveling with kids is expensive. I don't have the means to travel with my kids much. We usually go camping about once a summer, and we do some long weekend trips but stay in Minnesota. When we had the opportunity to go to California for my cousin's wedding, I jumped at the chance to travel with my kids.

All in all it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I was apprehensive that we would leave with 3 kids, and come back with only 2, since I thought for sure I would kill one of them. But alas, it was great!! I am so glad I was able to do this for my kids and give them fun travel memories like I have. And we clean up real nice, don't we???